Monday, December 17, 2012


Giving Week is something I hope to continue each year in the week leading up to Christmas (and to jump-start writing on my blog this year :). The goal is to give something each day that will eventually make the life of someone else better. You could give the same thing each day or strive to give a different gift each day. Now, I'm not talking about just buying the hottest new toy for your niece or nephew and calling it good. The goal of this exercise is to make a difference.

The first gift in my inaugural giving week is the gift of life: I attempted to donate blood this morning.

I say attempted because they cut me off due to bruising and clotting. I got the feeling the nurse was having trouble finding my vein and just stuck the needle in, hoping to strike gold, but no luck. Now, I have been donating blood regularly since I weighed enough and was old enough to participate in high school. Never have I had a problem like this and I was very disappointed that I could not donate a full pint. But, the other nurse assured me there was enough there it could still be used for research.

Although my donation didn't go as planned, I encourage you to donate and give the gift of life. What else would you donate for giving week? Let me know in the comments!


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