Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sidewalks: Why? + A Sidewalk Toddler Tale

School's out (forever? Maybe?) and summer is here (unfortunately. These 100+ temps are hell on the white girl 'fro) which means more time outside!! 

Today's post is something I have been contemplating for several months now: sidewalks. Because I don't have a motorized mode of transportation, I have lots of experience with sidewalks. They are there, but usually do not take the most direct route nor does any party take particularly good care of its sidewalks. 

I first contemplated sidewalks and their inconvenient placement while walking across the campus of Creighton University (now my alma mater?? Gah! I am getting old) from the Student Center to the College of Business. I made this trek probably two or three times a day for probably 6 semesters. And I always took the most direct route which was not always on the sidewalks. When Butler University was built, the sidewalks were left out the first semester. Then the school came along and filled in the paths the students had created in the grass. What a genius idea to let the people who actually use the space to dictate where the sidewalks go!!

What's the big deal with staying off the grass anyway? What other purpose does it serve except to be walked on? Never understood that one either. And therefore I find I usually just walk on the grass, regardless of signs or yelling like in The Princess Diaries.

But if you are going to have sidewalks and expect people to use them instead of walking on your grass, TAKE CARE OF THEM. I've lost count of the pairs of heels that have lost the battle against killer sidewalks. The only good thing about bumpy sidewalks is they make for interesting wagon rides. My fiancè, his sister and brother-in-law all had softball games so I was designated Aunt Kelly: Toddler Watch for the evening. The girls usually lose interest in the game quickly, so I decided to cut down on the time we were at the park by taking them in a wagon to get there. Hearing two- and three-year old toddlers vocalize the 4-block trip over sidewalks bumpier than early-puberty acne is priceless. It was like they were on a roller coaster for the first time ever and could not get enough. WEEEEEE! That was a big bump, Aunt Kelwy! Ohhh, here comes a-nut-er one. Woooo! Faster!! Puhhhhh-leeeeaase do it again, Aunt Kelwy!

I wish I had my flip camera. It was great. But the point of this post -- aside from the 15 minutes of entertainment I got that evening -- either take care of your sidewalks or let me walk on the grass in peace! Sidewalks are not evidence that life is serious. In fact, take a walk on the grass side once in awhile!

My nieces on the 4th of July. So cute!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a Fishy Time of Year!

Restaurants flood the TV with fish dishes. Bars host Mardi Grad parties. Churches gear up for weekly Friday fish fries. Ahhh, yes. It's LENT!!!

Growing up, we always talked about what we were giving up for Lent in Sunday School. We always knew it was for forty days. And we always tried to use the Sunday Clause: you could have whatever you gave up on Sundays during Lent because how we celebrate Lent not is longer than the period in the Bible it represents. (Fr. Bob never really let that one slide.) But as I've gotten older I have realized giving up something for Lent is not just to prove you can go forty days without whatever you gave up or to give it up because Mom said so. No, I have realized you give something up (or try to do something more often) to make yourself better to prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is a time to reflect on the gifts God has given you and to not let them go to waste. Below are what I am doing to prepare for Lent:

Giving up Facebook: After contemplating what I spend my time doing, I noticed I spend A LOT of it on Facebook. Usually looking at old pictures or playing games. I have instead decided to focus this time on getting a job for after graduation. I was afforded the opportunity of a higher education which I do not want to go to waste. After spending the last four years molding my mind (or allowing the Jesuits to do so) I want to put that knowledge and skills to use as soon as possible. I am not going to change the world or find a cure to cancer, but I can start providing for myself and no longer be a burden for my parents.

Eating Better: I have been blessed to be healthy, but I am abusing this gift by not eating right. I need to take care of myself so that I can take care of others who may cross my path needing my assistance.

Work out: see above :)

Go to Mass: What better time to reconnect with my faith than during Lent? (Plus I'll be home Sunday morning and can go to my church!!)

As serious as this is, it can be fun too!! (Read: FISH FRY!!!) Not a shred of evidence exists that life is serious.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Charm Bracelets

In my experience every little girl is concerned with the small things in life: how far her dress flies out when she twirls, a baby doll to dress and care for,  how many pieces of Mom's jewelry she can get on, etc. One of my concerns when I was little? Charm bracelets.

I had one going for quite a long time, full of fun girly things each with a significant meaning. The flip flop for all those trips to the pool or lake, the flamingo for the trips to the beach, a piano for the lessons I should have been taking instead of going to the pool or beach. There were also reminders of what I wanted to accomplish like an Eiffel Tower for (hopefully!) a trip to France. There were also the reminders of what I was caught up in at the time. The ballet slipper, the cheerleader, the catcher's glove, the newspaper. And reminders of who I was fell to the four leaf clover and dream catcher.**

Unfortunately, the hard work that went into collecting my jeweled wrist biography was lost to the Indiana High School Athletic Association rule that no jewelry could be worn during competition. In the taking off, putting on, taking off, process there must have been a hole in my bag or something.

Recently, I found several websites that make it much easier to create a charm bracelet online! Some of my favorites include Fossil, Juicy Couture, and Tiffany's. They change every season and have everything from arrows (I prefer a Golden Arrow worn over my heart, but this will do :), to pizza boxes, to snowflakes. More lipsticks, stilettos, shopping bags and cocktails than a Sex in the City episode. Enough cupcakes, ice cream cones, and donuts to make my hips bigger just looking at them. Pretty much a little bit of everything, making it so difficult to choose (my Tiffany's wishlist was more than $6,000 because there were so many charms I liked).

I just cannot get over how easily I could share little pieces of myself in a bracelet. Although I am not as concerned with the same things I was when I was little, I still want the most sparkle-licous, most janglely charm bracelet I can get! It's a good way to mark where I've been, who I am and where I'm going. If only I weren't on the budget of a college student...

Just remember not a shred of evidence exists that life is serious

**You don't get more Irish than Kelly Shea Nash, courtesy of my dad's side. I'm still figuring out how my mom's Native American heritage has manifested in me.