Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving Week Day 2: Warmth

So I realize today is actually Day 3 of Giving Week, but I got a little swamped with website updates at work and errand-running last night. On my scout's honor, I promise to be better about posting,e specially this week! But sometimes an updated list of clients on your brand-spanking new website or preparing for the wintery mix of rain, snow, and ice currently blanketing the Midwest takes priority over blog posts.


The gift for Day 2 of Giving Week is the gift of warmth! I purchased hats and gloves for each of the boys in the family my office adopted.The fleece onesie on the right is for the 1-year old boy. Those bears are just so stinking cute, I couldn't resist!

Each summer, my office offers the employees the chance to participate in a fundraiser for the adopt-a-family program. At the end of May, employees can pay $25 to wear shorts and flip flops on Fridays for the rest of the summer. Or you can pay $5 each Friday to be casual. I think this is a fantastic way to allow everyone to participate but to not add more financial stress at the holiday time. Last I heard, we have more than 300 employees in this location, so you can imagine the money we are able to raise.

We get to wrap all of the gifts Thursday tomorrow (where has this week gone??) and I can't wait to see everything we were able to purchase for this family and hopefully we can bring a little bit of cheer to their holiday season.

Giving Week: Day 1 update
My attempted blood donation is now a badge of honor that I wear proudly on my left elbow. Under that pretty red bandage in Monday's post was a mangled, bruised and swollen mess. I happy to report the swelling is gone, but I have some pretty cool bruises to share!

Note: I apologize if you think this is disgusting, but I just want to show that nothing can keep me from #givingweek!

From Monday night, about 12 hours after donation:

From Tuesday night, about 48 hours after donation, now with band-aid rash:

From this evening, about 80 hours after donation:

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